Günesi Beklerken | Asteptand soarele Episodul 2

Günesi Beklerken | Asteptand soarele Episodul 2 Online Subtitrat

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Vezi in premiera noul episod din acest serial. Günesi Beklerken – Asteptand soarele este tradus in limba romana pentru voi, impatimitii de seriale turcesti.

Günesi Beklerken | Asteptand soarele Episodul 2 este online subtitrat gratis la calitatea HD cea mai buna.

Leaving Kerem and his car in the paint, Zeynep wins a short-lived victory. Instead of apologizing to the young girl for standing up in front of him and fighting back, Kerem’nin drives her crazy. But this time she is determined to teach him a lesson she will not forget. Melis, who wants to get into Kerem's eyes, helps her volunteer. Appreciating Demet's ability to sew, Tulin specifically asks Melda about him. Unable to oppose this request, Demet is forced to go to Tulin's house to repeat the dress he will wear to the gala. That puts him in an unexpected situation. Dale's health is deteriorating day by day. This situation does not escape the attention of Cihan Hodja. Suddenly, Zeynep, surprised that Melis treats her well, doesn't believe in her sincerity. However, he is blocked by Kerem's crew. Among them was Sedat, whom Kerem delivered from his hand. Melis ends up helping Zeynep. Barıș's defense that Melis is actually a good girl makes Zeynep give Melis a chance. Cihan Hodja, who carried out the conflict between Kerem and Zeynep, intervenes in this issue. He shoots Kerem and warns her in a way he's not used to. Zeynep, who has a hard time at school, begins to feel something, even if she can't confess to Barıș, who saves her from a difficult situation at every step. Zeynep, who promotes her friendship with Melis, trusts her and tells her everything about herself. Zeynep, who went to the amusement park with Melis after school and told her mother that she would stay with them for the evening, is now too late when Kerem and his team appear in front of her. Kerem, who tied Zeynep up and locked her in the tunnel of fear, goes too far this time. This stubbornness between the two Zeynep leaves is facing a catastrophe that is not calculated at all. Waiting to be rescued in a flaming tunnel of fear, Zeynep's cries for help disappear into the darkness.
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Episoade: Günesi Beklerken | Asteptand soarele


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