Günesi Beklerken | Asteptand soarele Episodul 3

Günesi Beklerken | Asteptand soarele Episodul 3 Online Subtitrat

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Vezi in premiera noul episod din acest serial. Günesi Beklerken – Asteptand soarele este tradus in limba romana pentru voi, impatimitii de seriale turcesti.

Günesi Beklerken | Asteptand soarele Episodul 3 este online subtitrat gratis la calitatea HD cea mai buna.

Zeynep, who has a fear of confined spaces, is caught in a tunnel of fear at an amusement park. In addition, an unregistered fire is constantly spreading. Because the amusement park is closed, no one can hear Zeynep's cries for help. When he was about to lose hope, someone he didn't expect saves Zeynep's life. Trying to overcome his shock, Zeynep is determined to ask the person responsible for this. She goes to Kerem's house and is in front of her. But this is not the time. Kerem, who has a bad argument with her mother and father, is very upset. Ignoring Kerem's warnings, Zeynep gets in the car so she can talk to him. Kerem, who drives the latest speed car, also faces a great danger for him and Zeynep. Peace repeatedly tries to reach Kerem, but fails. Can't be heard from the duo, Barıș goes to Keremler. Cihan, on the other hand, suspects that the person he is trying to track down and give him his wallet is Demet. Even the prospect of seeing Demet in front of him years later excites him. It must be ensured who owns the wallet. Zeynep, who returns from the dead twice in one night because of Kerem, falls into a warm forest with him this time. The two try to return to civilization, this time being chased by dogs. However, the main event is that Kerem and Zeynep come to school together the next day. Everyone is very surprised by this situation, Melis is very jealous. Moreover, an unexpected rumor about the duo spreads quickly from ear to ear. When the incident gets out of hand, Kerem finds Jahan Hodja in front of him.
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Episoade: Günesi Beklerken | Asteptand soarele


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