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Vezi in premiera noul episod din acest serial. İntikam – Răzbunarea este tradus in limba romana pentru voi, impatimitii de seriale turcesti.

İntikam | Răzbunarea Episodul 10 este online subtitrat gratis la calitatea HD cea mai buna.

The rain is very upset. Not only did he not go deep, he began to flirt with the wind. Even if it annoys the rain, it can't do much. Because your skin threatens to tell her the truth if it comes too hard. An envelope arrives from Haldun to Shahika. The document coming out of the envelope affects Shahika even more. The more they try to keep the Arsoy family together, the more things fall apart. Shahika, who is alone in the house, uses Asli and Selen to return Emre. Aslı prepares him to eat alone with Emre, but the rain joins the table. Selen celebrates his victory a little earlier, allowing Hakan to invest in the company. He first makes an offer to Emre, and when he can't find his face, he goes to Hakan. The rain decided to eliminate the increasingly dangerous Selen from the entrance. He moves with his lever. He prepares a surprise for her so that Selen and Arsoys can face each other. After the recent events, Cemre decides to keep his home at peace. But the wind, hearing this, opposes peace. Because the House will be kept with the check received from Shahika in exchange for Cemre's departure. Your depth begins to settle near the wind. Moreover, he tells her that Hale is deep, not his childhood friend. The wind that finds the woman he has been waiting for for years is staggering. With nothing to lose, Selen is more dangerous than ever.
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Episoade: İntikam | Răzbunarea


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