İntikam | Răzbunarea Episodul 14

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Vezi in premiera noul episod din acest serial. İntikam – Răzbunarea este tradus in limba romana pentru voi, impatimitii de seriale turcesti.

İntikam | Răzbunarea Episodul 14 este online subtitrat gratis la calitatea HD cea mai buna.

The wind asks Hakan to see the tape he found in Derin's room and find out what was inside. Learning the situation, Yağmur tells Hakan to do everything possible to get the tape from him. Shahika plays his last card and calls his father-in-law, Sheriff, home to prevent Emre's marriage. Yağmur, who wants to marry Emre as soon as possible, is about to overcome this obstacle. However, the whole family, especially his son Haldun, fears the sheriff. Yağmur's video showing that Cemre was his real father came to Arsoylar's house, but Cemre did not receive it. The wind will not let go of the depths. He leaves messages on the phone. You can't get the wind band, the rain is forced to seek help from someone you don't want to protect. This person is profound. He makes a wind appointment to get the tape back. The rain is coming before Emre's grandfather half an hour late. The meeting, which begins with more tension, makes Shahika very happy. The wind is about to discover that Derin's departure is related to Shahika and Arsoys. Deep, who sees the wind and falls in love with it, is out of control of the rain. Unable to resist Shahika's insults, the original makes an unexpected move. Things are not going as expected. In a way, the wind that follows the video is angry and acts at a very inopportune moment to answer for it. If it is deep, which sets to go to the wind, this time it really disappears from the middle. Although the shahika tried to stop her, the secrets began to appear one by one.
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